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June 29, 2013

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Salt Water Mouth Rinse or Gargle

About this Recipe:

Often after having dental work done, dentists will recommend for patients to rinse their mouths with a salt water solution for the next few days.

Why does it work? What does it do?:.
Well, Rinsing is a way of keeping the mouth clean when using a toothbrush might irritate any little scrapes or cuts that have occurred during the dental work.

Salt is added to the water to make the solution "isotonic" (which means, the salt makes the water more similar chemically to the natural fluid in your body, hence less irritating than using just plain water).

Salt Water Mouth Rinse or Gargle
(for sore gums, mouth, or throat)

½ cup warm water
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon baking soda

  • Put the warm water into a drinking cup

  • Add the salt and baking soda and stir until dissolved

  • Take a mouthful and gently swish it your mouth (or gargle) then spit it out down the sink.

    Note : The addition of baking soda to the salt & water mixture helps soften the salt water and helps it penetrate to more areas in the mouth.
  • If you've just had a tooth pulled...Generally, you should NOT rinse for the first 12 hours after you've had a tooth pulled because doing so might disturb the clot forming and hardening and cause bleeding. After that it works great, and helps keep any odours at bay too.

    Be gentle when you swish the salt water gargle around in your mouth.

    Salt Water Mouth Rinse or Gargle Just a Few Simple Inexpensive Items Already In Your Kitchen Make An Excellent Salt Water Mouth Rinse

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